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Business Card Holders

Accessorize your desk with business card display cases

A desktop business card holder is an essential accessory for any executive or client services professional. While your basic acrylic business card holder is perfectly functional and neutral enough to work with any desk style or office décor, you're not alone if you prefer a more unique business card holder. It's easy and relatively inexpensive to have one specially made, and you'd be surprised how far such a simple accessory can go to express your creativity and individualism.

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Creative Business Card Holders for Busy Professionals

Your desktop business card holder need not be plain and boring – attractive finishes like mahogany, polished faux silver and leather are available. You can also purchase finished business card holders that add a stylized touch to the standard plastic material. Some of the common finishes you can order include black ice, bluestone, gold tone and frosted marble. If you have something else in mind, you can also purchase your plastic business card holder from a custom provider.

If you're on the go all the time, you're going to need a portable card holder that allows you to store your business cards without taking up much pocket space. Shop for leather, color lacquer, stainless steel or ornamental business card holders if you're in the market for this type of product. You can also purchase an engraved business card holder that further personalizes the item with your name or initials and company information. These affordable accessories communicate a lot about your values, so they're worth investing a little extra money in. You can even match them to other accessories you take on the road, such as your portfolio case or briefcase.

Purchasing a Desk Business Card Holder

Upscale retailers of executive accessories are the best place to start your search for personal business card holders, especially if you've decided to commit a larger amount of money to your purchase. Such retailers generally offer an excellent selection of products suited to professionals in all industries, and many of them offer customization services at no extra charge or for a modest additional fee.

If you need to fill a bulk order for business card holders so that all the employees in your organization have standardized versions on their desks, shopping with an online retailer may be your most cost-effective option. However, you should be careful about balancing shipping costs against the generally lower per-unit prices; be sure to get quotes from traditional retailers in your local area and weigh each option by comparing the respective bottom lines.