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Computer Rack

Rack mount computer cases keep servers cool and safe

Many large businesses require their own servers to run their networks and store their data. If individual PCs and laptops need a fan to keep them cool during average use, imagine the cooling requirements of an entire network server!

Computer rack mounts are designed to keep server equipment cool, regulating power consumption and minimizing downtime, both of which are costly to businesses. They also keep equipment organized, out of the way and protected from physical damage.

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Rack Mount Computer Case

The standard rack mount computer case is 19 inches wide and is commonly referred to as a 19-inch rack. However, computer racks come in a variety of other widths, as well. For example, the 23-inch rack is more common in the telecommunications industry.

The height of a computer rack is measured in rack units or U's. One rack unit is equal to 1.75 inches. Standard racks are generally 42U, meaning that a single rack can hold up to 42 electronic devices that are 1 rack unit high, or any combination of devices whose combined height is less than or equal to 42 rack units. As with width, however, unit heights may vary.

Physically, rack mount computer cases look like many other storage cabinets. They are generally made of metal or composites, and most have doors to keep the equipment fully enclosed, secure and out of sight.

Air Conditioned Closed Computer Rack

While standard computer racks are designed with ventilation to keep equipment cool, rack mount computers and servers that handle heavy loads or important data should be kept in air conditioned closed computer racks. The extra cooling will help ensure that these units don't overheat, which can cause interruptions in service.

For particularly expensive equipment or especially sensitive data, a closed computer rack can be enhanced with a locking mechanism to ensure that only authorized personnel have access.

More and more, the computer network is becoming the heart of many businesses, and with the importance and expense attached to servers and other network equipment, protecting these assets makes financial as well as intellectual sense. The proper computer rack can help keep such equipment safe and in top working order, which in turn keeps your business running smoothly and efficiently.