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Document Storage

Document filing made easy

Although many businesses and individuals store most of their important files and data online, there is still a need for document storage in today's world. Hard-copy documents serve as a safeguard against data loss. The core issue is how to store documents efficiently and effectively to ensure they're easily accessible but not lost or damaged.

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Large Document Storage Solutions

It is likely that businesses will need large document storage options simply because of the sheer volume of information they store. Whether you need space for customer files, archives, vendor invoices or vital statistics, it is important to find commercial options that will accommodate large document storage.

In some cases, it is practical to create built-in document storage shelves similar to what you might find in a doctor's office. These shelves are built directly into the wall and cannot be adjusted. However, if your documents vary in size or shape, you can purchase adjustable shelves, cabinets or boxes specially designed for large document storage.

Oversize Document Storage Products

In many industries, documents exceed standard paper sizes and therefore require oversize document storage solutions. The cabinets or shelves you use to protect these documents must accommodate irregular and varying sizes.

It is important to find oversize document storage options that will not bend, crinkle or otherwise harm the papers they protect. Oversize filing cabinets, for example, are ideal for this purpose, as are file boxes made specifically for large-format files.

Meet Your Blueprint Storage Needs

Similar to oversize document storage, blueprint storage requires the use of cabinets or shelves that support documents of unusual size. There are products specifically made for blueprints, such as hanging racks and accordion notebooks. You can also use deep shelves to store rolled-up blueprints.

Filing cabinets for blueprint storage provide drawers instead of hanging files. This will allow you to store blueprints flat to avoid damage to the documents, and is the approach most architectural and construction firms favor.

Safe and Reliable Sensitive Document Storage

Many businesses must find a way to house sensitive documents, such as those that contain trade secrets or other confidential information. The most important factor here is the level of security offered by the cabinet or shelving system.

Padlocks for sensitive document storage, for example, can be used in a pinch, though some business owners would prefer a more sophisticated approach. Document safes might be the best choice for sensitive document storage, as they provide unmatched security and peace of mind.

Written by Steve Thompson