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Filing Cabinet

Use labeled filing cabinets to organize records

In our busy office or home office environments, it's easy to get lost in paperwork. Something as simple as filing can end up becoming a mess to navigate. With the simple addition of filing cabinets, you can save yourself a lot of organizational hassle. Here are a few helpful tips on how to get your filing organized.


Colors aren't exactly a high-tech option when it comes to filing, but they can be handy when it comes to organizing your filing cabinets. If you're running a small business, color placement in filing could be as simple as using red for pending work orders and green for completed work orders. If you're organizing your home, your filing cabinet could use blue files for tax documents. Another option for color-coding your filing cabinets is adhesive color dots. They can coordinate with either colored file folders or colored dots on plain folders.

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Home Office Filing Cabinets

Home or office filing cabinets no longer need to be the drab, olive-green metal eyesores in an office or home decor. For example, oak filing cabinets have become especially popular. Not only is an oak filing cabinet durable, but the natural tan wood fits into virtually any color scheme. However, regardless of the type of wood, make sure you choose something actually made out of wood. If the advertisement simply says "wood filing cabinet," be careful, because you might wind up with inferior particle board.

Vertical and Lateral Filing Cabinets

A lateral filing cabinet is shorter than a regular filing cabinet, with wider drawers. So what good is that? Well, if the top of a lateral filing cabinet is about the same level as a desk, then it can be used to extend your work area. Another asset of this type of cabinet is that more documents can be placed within a single drawer, helping to organize your files and increase your overall capacity for document storage and records management. On the other hand, a vertical filing cabinet makes the most of limited office space. Vertical filing cabinets can be as thin as 24 inches, but are still cable of storing large documents.

Electronic Filing Cabinets

A paper system isn't the only way to store your important documents. Computerized document filing and retrieval systems often are referred to as electronic filing cabinets. Basically, an electronic filing cabinet is a computer. Some advantages to this system are increased speed in accessing files, and simultaneous multiple viewings of a file.

Written by Michael Thompson