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Records Management

Protect important information with records storage systems

Even though 90 percent of new documents are being created in digital formats, the vast majority of existing records are still on paper. Executives in charge of business records management have no choice but to simultaneously manage the challenges of protecting sensitive hard-copy documents while filing their digital counterparts away; fortunately, they have records management software to aid them in meeting the challenge.

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Software for Records Management

Records management software is in vogue, but the long-heralded paperless office continues to elude the workplace. According to surveys and statistics, about half of American companies' most sensitive documents are still on paper; what's worse is that 50 percent of all security breaches are perpetrated by the very employees who work with these paper records. Using records management software to make the switch to digital can be intimidating to employees, especially those who are older and less comfortable with modern technologies.

The makers of records management software have gone to great lengths to address these document storage challenges. Not only do their products contain advanced security features, they're also designed to be user-friendly and highly intuitive.

Storage for Medical Records and Bankers Boxes

Medical records storage is especially in the spotlight because of concerns over patients' rights and privacy. Also, medical records storage has been slow to adapt to technology, in large part because patient records must stay intact for long periods of time, and also because patients move from town to town.

Companies also are aiming to increase the security of paper records storage. A pioneer in this area is Fellowes Incorporated, the manufacturer of the popular Bankers Box line of products. Banker Boxes can be interlocked vertically or horizontally and with handles that allow you to easily transport your files while denying access to unauthorized individuals.

The Growing Demand for Business Records Management

Thousands of business owners and managers have a long ways to go to improve their records storage policies, according to a report produced by Iron Mountain Inc. of Boston, a management consulting company. While many companies and organizations have made progress in terms of indexing records and improving access, most have fallen short in adopting policies and procedures, according to the Iron Mountain report.

If you're seeking new records management solutions, now is the time to harness the technological advancements that have been made in the field. No matter what business you're in, there are advanced tools available that can solve both your digital and traditional records management needs.

Written by Michael Thompson