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Moving Storage

Store your stuff while you move

Storing items while moving can help reduce the stress of changing residences. By keeping some of your belongings at another location, you can sort through everything else at your leisure. Moving storage is also particularly important if you are downsizing your space; storing extra items allows you to accurately assess which items are expendable and which are essential.

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Using Moving and Storage Pods

Moving and storage pods have become popular with homeowners looking for moving storage. Instead of bringing your items to a storage building, storage pods allow homeowners to pack them right at home. These large crates are delivered and removed by the rental company; you can arrange to have them taken to a secure offsite location when you leave your old home, or delivered to your new address.

The advantages and disadvantages of moving pod storage should be examined closely before you sign a contract. Moving pod storage is often less expensive than other options, but it is impossible to move only a few items at a time out of a moving pod. However, the storage pods make better use of space, though you'll have to be careful to pack your goods safely to ensure they don't get damaged.

Using a Moving and Storage Company

A moving and storage company is a great solution for people who need help stowing away their extra belongings. These companies help you with every aspect of your move, and offer pricing packages tailored to the amount of help you need. Signing up for moving and storage help may seem like an unnecessary expense, but it is usually well worth the cost if you're moving somewhere far away or to another country.

When moving internationally, you may face restrictions regarding what you may and may not bring with you, even if you can drive a moving van to your final destination. The moving company will know if you're going to face any restrictions and will work with you to create a viable moving plan. For long-distance moves, it's a good idea to have your items packed professionally. This will reduce the chances of damage and breakage. If any pieces do get damaged, they should be covered by the moving company's business insurance, though you'd be wise to double-check this policy before agreeing to terms with an international mover.

Written by Amy Whittle.