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Commercial Freezer

Industrial freezer units for bulk storage

A commercial freezer can be used to store everything from game meat to frozen entrees, depending on your needs and specifications. Purchasing a commercial freezer can be particularly cost-effective if you have many temperature-sensitive items or require several units to facilitate your business needs.

The two main features any commercial freezer should have are easy accessibility and easy temperature control. You want to be able to reach your goods quickly, particularly if the unit is being used in a restaurant or other food-service business, and you want to be able to see and adjust the temperature to ensure optimal conditions at all time.

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Commercial Chest Freezer

A commercial chest freezer is an efficient option for bulk storage, as it provides easy access for personnel and can include compartments for individual stock items. This can improve the efficiency of inventory control, including ordering and receiving.

The commercial chest freezer is usually long and narrow with the opening at the top rather than at the sides or front. Temperature control may be interior or exterior, depending on the model, and you can choose a commercial chest freezer with compartments or shelving for easier bulk storage.

Consider the construction of your commercial chest freezer before you buy. Some are made of stainless steel to prevent rusting, with double gaskets to increase the soundness of the seal.

Meat Freezer

If your business requires that you store different types of meat, a meat freezer is probably most practical. These freezers are designed for bulk storage of different cuts of meat and are specifically designed for the appropriate temperatures required to keep meat fresh.

Since meat is generally heavier than other materials, it might be a good idea to select a meat freezer with an aluminum floor that is capable of supporting a minimum of 500 pounds per square foot. You will also want to look into meat freezers with high levels of insulation to protect against energy loss, as well as minimize noise.

If you are concerned about security, your meat freezer might also benefit from an alarm system, which will sound if the door is opened by unauthorized personnel. Today's technology provides a much higher level of security for business owners, but it is also important to choose the lock for your meat freezer carefully.

Ice Cream Freezer

An ice cream freezer is used for the commercial bulk storage of ice cream. Maintenance is particularly important with these devices, and you'll want to choose a reputable brand with plenty of security features.

In many cases, a portable ice cream freezer is necessary to move around stock and to facilitate easy delivery of product from the truck to the storage unit. A wheel system with anti-roll brakes will increase portability as well as safety.

Cold storage is important for many businesses, but especially those in the food industry. Finding the right commercial freezer can help keep your products fresher longer, saving you time and money.

Written by Steve Thompson