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Shipping Box

Choose the right shipping case or box

Finding the right shipping case or box and packing it properly will ensure that whatever you are shipping will arrive at its destination undamaged. Although consumers should always ask the shipping company for advice, there are a few rules of thumb that will work for most companies.

Types of Shipping Boxes

Shipping boxes and cases can be purchased at a specialty store or from a shipping company, or even repurposed from items around your own home. Anything sturdy enough to use as a moving box is likely to be good for shipping as well.

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A shipping box is a general term for any box made to protect items in transit. Although the most common material for a shipping box is cardboard, plastic shipping cases are also becoming an increasingly common option. A plastic shipping case is more durable than a cardboard box.

A cardboard shipping box is often the most economical option for shipping, but may not be the most effective way to protect your items. Double-sided boxes and waxed boxes provide some added protection from weather and unexpected impacts; depending on the content of your box this may be essential.

A large shipping box may be difficult to find without assistance from your shipping company. If you do purchase a box from another retailer, make sure the box is not too large for shipment. Some companies require shipping crates for particularly large items, or may decline to ship those items entirely.

Shipping Cases for Fragile Goods

For delicate items, a shipping case will further protect your items. Shipping cases are made of a rigid material, usually plastic or aluminum, designed to absorb impact while keeping the contents of the case safe. Most shipping cases have padding on every side, allowing the item being shipped to be suspended in the center of the box. In most cases, a plastic shipping container is used; aluminum shipping containers are heavy and far more expensive.

Once you have found or purchased a shipping case or shipping box, care should be taken while packing the item. Plan to purchase bubble wrap or packing peanuts to fill any gaps within the shipping box. For items requiring a shipping case, you may want to inquire with the shipping company for additional protections available to the item you are shipping. Of course, the most important tip of all is to buy insurance for expensive or important items in case of a mishap.

Written by Amy Whittle