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Warehouse Storage Rack

Storage and display racks for businesses

Choosing the right storage and display racks for your warehouse or business will help the area stay organized and display the products for customers.

Warehouse storage racks are typically constructed to store large boxes. Due to the weight of these boxes, forklifts and other heavy equipment may be used to move the packages. This means that the shelves are often much sturdier, taller and wider than a typical bulk storage rack. To prevent tipping, they may be bolted to the ground or wall. Most shelves can withstand thousands of pounds.

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An industrial storage rack is usually the sturdiest type of rack available. Often they are made to house a specific type of material. Lumber industrial storage racks, for example, contain no actual shelves because they are unnecessary. Instead, supports are spaced to allow the lumber to be laid on top of them. This conserves vertical space as well as increasing the amount of weight the rack can hold.

A pallet storage rack is made to hold items that are delivered on pallets. They are typically spaced widely apart to accommodate forklifts. Pallet storage racks are often made to specific dimensions to hold a specific amount of pallets rather than just linear space, as is common with other rack storage types.

Storage Racks for Businesses

Business storage racks are generally smaller than the racks you might find in a warehouse. When opening a business, plan on having several different types of storage racks for your inventory. While some racks will be seen by customers, many businesses use storage racks primarily to store inventory in a back room.

Bulk storage racks are commonly used in storage rooms. They are sturdy shelving units that offer a generous space between shelves to accommodate large boxes and crates of items. Typically they do not exceed 7 feet in height, and are used in smaller spaces where the weight of an item is not of concern.

Display Racks for Businesses

While a storage rack is constructed to offer the maximum amount of space in the smallest area possible, display racks attempt to strike a balance between aesthetics and storage space. A good display rack will attractively display products while allowing customers easy access to examine the products for themselves. For this reason, most display racks are much smaller than storage racks.

Written by Amy Whittle