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Storage Services

Familiarize yourself with different storage businesses

Everyone has different storage needs, but you may not realize your options for certain items. Whether you're looking for commercial or business storage or just looking for some archival services, it helps to know what kind of storage services are out there.

Chemical Storage – Staying Safe While Storing Hazardous Materials

There are several types of chemical storage; however, this section comes with a warning. Storing chemicals yourself can be extremely dangerous and also illegal if you don't know your area's regulations and bylaws regarding this type of storage. It's best to get professional storage management services to store your chemicals.

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However, chemical storage companies are easy to find. They also deal with hazardous material disposal and can bring you up to speed on the latest guidelines regarding chemical storage. If you do insist on storing your chemicals yourself, there are tanks and storage cabinets that you can rent or buy to ensure that your lab remains safe.

Cold Storage for Food Service Businesses

Food service businesses need cold storage – and the first place to start is with a cold storage company. If you're looking for a fail-safe way to store food and perishable products, why not look at a company that offers refrigerated warehouses or freezers? They may even offer transportation with refrigerated trucks so that you can move inventory quickly without a problem.

Cold storage is also used for medical products, such as vaccines, stem cells and blood. In this case, a cold storage company may offer specialized freezers and controlled cabinets for proper storage of these precious items.

Other Types of Storage Services

Storage can take the form of many different services besides chemical and cold storage. A popular storage option for archivists and librarians is file storage. With many important facts, historical accounts and stories on perishable paper, file storage services become essential to keeping these records and important papers from disintegrating. File storage services ensure that papers and other perishable documents are kept in the right folders and at the right temperature.

Although more of a temporary storage service while in transit, international movers are important for those looking to ship goods across continents. Also, removal storage services ensure that items that are no longer needed are disposed of correctly and safely. Both can be found in the phone book or online.