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Cantilever Rack

Use a cantilever racking system for storage of oversized goods

Cantilever racks make great storage solutions for large materials such as metal pipes, lumber and sheet rock. A cantilever rack features horizontal arms and is balanced so that vertical support is not required on the outer ends. This is especially ideal for horizontal storage of lengthy items such as lumber, steel bars, pipes and tubing.

The horizontal arms used in cantilever rack storage are easily adjustable, to accommodate varying heights for furniture and other products of various shapes and sizes.

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Cantilever Storage Rack Configurations

A cantilever storage rack is modular, allowing easy installation of additional arms, or longer arms or braces, whatever is needed. Items of varying lengths can be stored without the need to modify the cantilever rack. This highly versatile type of warehouse storage rack is totally compatible with the use of forklifts because of the clear frontal access.

Cantilever arms can either extend straight out at a 90-degree angle, or they can extend slightly upward. Drywall, for example, is best held by arms that are parallel to the floor. On the other hand, upward arms provide supportive cradles for cylindrical materials, preventing them from rolling and falling from their shelves.

How much weight can you place onto your cantilever storage rack? The heavier the load, the more arms and braces will be needed, along with more vertical uprights.

Making the Most of Cantilever Rack Storage

Warehouse managers often place cantilever racks on narrow slivers of floor space that they had imagined was not usable. Sheet rock, metal sheets and piping can be stored on cantilever racks, removing trip hazards that had been obstructions for workers and vehicles.

Because cantilever storage racks are so multi-purpose, warehouse managers must take caution to prevent the shelves from becoming disorganized. Cantilever rack storage often becomes the storage solution of choice for odd products that defy categorization. But with proper organization, cantilever shelving can reduce errors in inventory control and stock selection.

Buying Cantilever Racks

Cantilever racks seem to last forever and so sales of used cantilever racks are highly popular. Purchasing used cantilever racks can save big money for an enterprise that is fighting to get off the ground.

Written by Michael Thompson