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Data Backup

Protect data using next-generation products and services

You've heard it over and over again: back up your files! But how much thought have you really given to data backup? Unfortunately, it only takes one incident to learn how important it can be to keep your files secure, and online data backup might be the best solution.

Online Data Backup

There are multiple ways to back up your files. Some people use CDs, DVDs and thumb drives, while others have turned to data backup services. Online data backup is the use of hosted space to keep your files safe and secure. Essentially, you create a clone of your files online for later retrieval.

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You can use online or Internet data backup for a variety of purposes. Business owners, for example, use this type of service to keep their client rosters, inventory sheets, sales records and other important data.

Alternatively, you might use Internet data backup to store photographs of your family and friends or important documents you want to save. The possibilities are endless, and there is a data backup service for every purpose.

Remote Data Backup

Online data backup is remote, meaning that your backup files are kept in a different physical location from the originals. When using remote data backup services, make sure that you are choosing a reliable network with safe, secure software. For example, many of these services offer multiple mirrored data centers so that if one happens to experience difficulty, you don't have to worry about the safety of your data.

Data Backup Software

You will likely need special software to facilitate your data backup. There are several different types of data backup software; some of them are installed on your computer so you can upload files directly, while others are web-based and hosted elsewhere. The type you choose will depend on your monthly storage capacity and the level of security you require.

Data Backup Storage

In some cases, online data backup includes data backup storage on a remote server. You will be allocated a certain storage capacity per month or per year, depending on your service agreement. This service provides an extra level of security for your files.

Whatever type of online data backup you choose, make sure the provider is reliable and has a positive reputation in the marketplace. Trusting your data to the right people is part of keeping it safe!

Written by Steve Thompson