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Blank CD

Burn music on blank compact discs

When you need to store music, video, documents or any other data, you might consider a blank CD. This is one of the most common ways to store and back up important electronic data, and blank CDs are currently one of the most inexpensive storage media, as well.

Blank CD Media

It is important when shopping for a blank CD that you look specifically for blank CD-R media to ensure that you are able to put information on the disc. The CD-R designation means that the CDs are writable, so you can insert them into a CD burner and transfer files from your computer or other devices to the CD itself.

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Other blank CD media include CD-RW, which refers to CDs that are rewritable. This means you can add information to the CD more than once.

Blank CD Prices

A blank CD-R can cost as little as $0.10 per disc and as much as $0.50 per disc, depending on the quality and any extras that might come in the package. For example, you might purchase a set of blank CD-R media that comes with an equal number of jewel cases and inserts.

It is easiest to find a cheap blank CD if you purchase your CDs in bulk. You will typically pay less per CD when you buy a large number, and you'll find that manufacturers will offer wholesale discounts to repeat customers. If you will use a lot of blank CDs – for example, if you are a musician or listen to lots of music – this might be an option.

Bulk Blank CDs

Just because a large number of blank CD media comes in an inexpensive package doesn't mean that you should buy it. Buying bulk blank CDs still requires some research on your part, so make sure you are familiar with the brand and the retailer.

Look for blank CD media that is made by well-known companies or sold by major retailers. You might want CDs that are treated with phthalocyanine dye for longer shelf life or CDs that are considered "high capacity"; it depends on the intended use.

Blank CD Cases

If you want to make sure that your blank CD isn't scratched after you finish writing data, you will need a blank CD case (also called a jewel case) to keep it safe. In many cases, blank CD cases will come with the package when you order large quantities of CDs, but if not, you can find good deals on the cases themselves. You can also use a blank CD label to customize your CDs and blank inserts to customize jewel cases. And, of course, don't forget the CD rack to keep the cases themselves safe and neatly stored.

Written by Steve Thompson