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Blank DVD

Burn movies and large files on blank DVDs

A blank DVD can be worth its weight in gold — particularly for consumers who enjoy music, movies and games. Blank DVD media are available in many places, and you can use your discs to store just about any type of electronic data.

Since a blank DVD contains more space than a blank CD, you can store more data on fewer discs. DVDs are physically the same size as CDs, though, so they can be shelved in any CD rack or case you might own.

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Blank DVD-R media can usually be used with any DVD player. The standards have homogenized sufficiently to prevent compatibility problems, though you may occasionally run into a brand that doesn't work.

Blank DVD Media

The most common type of blank DVD used today is the blank DVD-R, which simply refers to a writable DVD disc. There are also DVD+R discs and DVD-RW discs, which increase the number of times the DVD can be rewritten with new material.

Using DVD-R blank media is fairly easy once you have a DVD burner and burning software. You simply select the electronic data you want to put on the disc, and then write it using the software. This is most commonly used for music, games and word files.

Bulk Blank DVDs

If you've decided that you want to use DVD-R blank discs to store and move your data, you will need to find the right ones. You can find cheap blank DVDs in large packages (25+), many of which come with jewel cases to complete the package.

Blank DVDs come in all sorts of brands and colors, with plenty of different cases to choose from. Since all of the DVDs will generally have the same capacity, you will simply need to find a brand that you like. It is difficult to find a single DVD-R blank disc, and is usually more expensive, so you will likely want to purchase in bulk.

Blank DVD Cases

You will want to buy blank DVD cases if your discs don't come with them. A jewel case is a plastic covering to protect your discs, and often comes with an insert on which you can print or type the contents of the blank DVD.

Written by Steve Thompson