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Enjoy HD quality with Blu-ray technology

Blu-ray technology has revolutionized the television experience for many consumers. Similar in appearance and functionality to a standard DVD player, the Blu-ray player combines HD technology with greater data storage capabilities.

Since a Blu-ray disc can old nearly six times the amount of data that a dual-layer DVD disc can, the implications are enormous for everything from Blu-ray movies to the Blu-ray copy machine.

While Blu-ray technology is most commonly used for movies, it also has applications for business, such as archiving documents. Just use a blank Blu-ray disc and a Blu-ray burner to backup more files on fewer discs. Blu-ray discs are the same physical size as DVDs, so they can be stored in your ordinary DVD rack.

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Blu-ray for Movies

The most common and well-known function of Blu-ray technology is the Blu-ray player, which is hooked up to a television and used to show movies. The HD DVD Blu-ray boasts better color and sharper images in addition to higher data storage. Movies that used to come on two DVDs can easily be consolidated with this technology.

Although Blu-ray discs and players are more expensive than their DVD counterparts, many consumers swear by the differences in quality. Blu-ray technology uses a blue-purple laser (versus the red laser used in DVD), which has a substantially shorter wavelength and can store up to 50 gigs of data.

Blu-ray for Computers

Blu-ray technology is not limited to television, though. Indeed, its uses for computers, graphic arts and media storage are perhaps even greater. A Blu-ray burner, for example, has a much higher capacity for media and can burn CDs much faster.

Like a Blu-ray player, a Blu-ray burner will be more expensive than the traditional variety, but consumers will need to purchase fewer discs to store the same amount of media. Also, as Blu-ray becomes the standard in media storage, the prices will likely decrease.

Blu-ray burning software is not yet widely available, but it is still possible to find at reasonable prices. This might be the best option for professionals in the media industry or for music and movie enthusiasts.

If you are interested in Blu-ray technology, there is a wealth of products available and more emerge every day. Try out Blu-ray players and discs so you can see the difference for yourself.

Written by Steve Thompson