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CD Burner

Get the most out of your CD burning software and hardware

A CD burner is used to make CD compilations of songs or other media for use in either personal or commercial endeavors. Many computers and laptops now come with CD burners built into the hardware and free CD burning software already built into the machine's software package. However, should you wish to upgrade or replace this equipment, you have other options.

CD Burner Hardware

You can purchase an external CD burner for use with your computer or laptop. Some of these are no larger than a CD jewel case and can be hooked up to your machine with USB cables. Even if your computer comes with a CD burner already installed, external hardware may have better performance.

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When you purchase a CD burner, make sure that it is compatible with whatever machine you intend to use. For example, if you use a PC, make sure it will work with your current version of Windows. Some products might be compatible with XP but not Windows Vista.

CD Burning Software

Simply owning a CD burner is not sufficient to burn media; you will also need CD burning software to facilitate media transfer. Fortunately, there are many free CD burner downloads that will help you not only with creating CDs, but also with music and media storage.

When choosing CD burning software, make sure you look not only at the features of the program, but also at the licenses granted and the terms of use. Some of these CD burner programs will restrict how and when they can be used, and many are for personal projects only.

CD Media Storage

If you are going to be using a CD burner, you will also need to find a method of CD storage. There are numerous options on the market, so you can almost always find one that will meet your needs, either in the office or at home.

Some CD media storage devices are meant for small collections, while others are more complex and facilitate storage by genre and other characteristics. Your main decision will be between a CD storage rack that hangs on the walls and one that sits on the floor.

Purchasing a CD burner can greatly expand your media library and make music, video and photo storage much easier.

Written by Steve Thompson