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DVD Burner

All about DVD burning software and hardware

The standard CD burner is now morphing into the far more powerful DVD burner, which allows consumers to write data onto blank DVD discs rather than CDs. A DVD has a higher data capacity and is therefore more economical, in terms of both price and space.

In order to create DVDs, you will need both a DVD burner and DVD burner software. Neither of these items is difficult to find, but there are a few things you should keep in mind while shopping.

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DVD Burner Software

In order to transfer data from your computer's hard drive or another media source to a DVD, you need DVD burner software. This is generally not very expensive; in fact, you can even find free DVD burner software if you look long enough.

Some of the more recent computers already come with a software package installed. If you are also shopping for a computer, ask if there is a DVD burner program installed, and if so, what the features are.

DVD Burner Hardware

In addition to the software, you will of course need the DVD burner itself. You can either purchase a computer that comes with a DVD burner already built into the CPU, or you can purchase an external DVD burner, which can be connected to your hard drive. The advantage with the latter is that you'll have more control over the hardware you use.

You can find a cheap DVD burner by purchasing one secondhand or bidding on one that you particularly like in an online auction. Since DVD burners have been around for a while, you will also see prices begin to drop on older models. Just because the burner is older doesn't mean it won't be able to perform necessary tasks.

CD-DVD Burner

Since many consumers use both CDs and DVDs to write data, a CD-DVD burner might be the best option. These devices will write both formats for maximum convenience and are often the same price as a stand-alone product.

The best DVD burner for you will depend on what you intend to do with the software and hardware. Consider what types of files you will be writing and how much data you need to store on individual discs. This should give you a basic idea of the general capacity and features you're looking for.

Written by Steve Thompson