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Music Storage

Music organization tips for song lovers

Very few people can claim that music doesn't affect them in a significant way. Whether you're old-school and like to listen to records and 8-tracks or carry around an iPod or other portable music player, modern tools and technologies make music storage easier than ever. Keep track of your music with an audio storage product, or upload your thousands upon thousands of mp3s to a free online music storage site so that you can play DJ whenever you want!

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Audio Storage Solutions for People with a Lot of Music

If you have a lot of music in different formats, an audio storage cabinet will help you sort your music by format or artist, and it will protect your records and CDs from deterioration and scratches. Consider buying a media tower with drawers for vinyl records and slots for CDs. Often, this type of audio storage media solution will also have room for your audio player.

If you don't want to spend a lot of money, a regular bookshelf will do to store records and CDs. Using a storage box can take a lot of the jewel cases out of your way and prevent clutter from piling up around your CD player.

Digital Music Storage Solutions

A computer hard drive can have a lot of space on it, but if that space is taken up by your online music collection, you won't have many options when it comes to saving other important files. Try storing your digital music collection in other virtual places to free up your computer space.

Electronic music storage devices and players, or mp3 players, are a great way to take your music with you on long trips or public transportation. They store songs that may not fit on your computer's hard drive or are too tedious to burn onto individual blank CDs. Choose from a variety of players and brands, such as iPod and Zune. You can store up to 150 GB of music on some mp3 players, and newer cell phones and smart phones even offer built-in music storage.

If you want to store your music online, consider using an online music storage site, such as Many of these free online music storage sites provide a predetermined amount of bandwidth and storage, allowing you to keep music off your computer but still keep it close at hand whenever you want it. You can also give other people access to your music collection, so that you can share music without having to resort to illegal downloading. Store your music safely and you'll never have to worry about being without your favorite songs ever again!