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MP3 Player

Find out why iPods are all the rage

You may not remember the introduction of the original Walkman music player in 1979, or how cutting-edge the first portable music player really was. Even though it was big, bulky and you had to wait for the tape to rewind when you wanted to hear a specific song, it represented the height of personal entertainment technology at the time. Even portable CD players, first introduced in 1984, had their drawbacks, especially when you wanted to walk or exercise with them. Any little bump would cause your favorite tune to skip.

The age of the digital music player changed everything. Gone was the waiting, the skipping and the challenge of burning music to blank CDs and carrying around bulky jewel cases and disc organizers. The early players still had bulk, though, which is something manufacturers sought to address.

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The Revolution Begins

In 2001, the Apple iPod came along and changed everything. It was the first portable mp3 player that allowed you to carry around your entire music library. The technologies that drive these portable music devices have continued to improve, and today's mp3 players mesh well with contemporary on-the-go lifestyles. We want to be mobile, but we also want to be able to take our entertainment with us. The Apple iPod is sleek, fun and useful, and it's little wonder consumers fell in love with it.

Apple continues to advance our mobile entertainment options. Now, you can watch TV shows, video clips, music videos and personal videos on iPods. These devices have continued to be outrageously popular, and the models keep getting slimmer, sleeker, more colorful and more powerful. Between red-hot players, cute pink electronic devices and touchable screens, Apple gives us what we want before we know we want it.

Accessorize Your iPod

With iPod accessories, you can even turn your iPod into a digital voice recorder or home stereo. You can upgrade your headphones, or go hands-free with an arm band so you can strap your music player to you while you walk or work out. It's also simple to transfer your music from your home computer to your portable device.

These portable music players have transformed the way we live, work and work out. If you have an mp3 player, it's probably always within easy reach. If you don't…you're definitely missing out on the fun.

Written by Pam Gaulin