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Photo Storage

Picture storage for digital and printed photos

Photo storage used to be pretty straightforward; it only involved buying photo albums and mounting prints of your favorite pictures inside them. It was time-consuming but easy to do, and it provided safe and attractive display of your photographs.

Nowadays, scrapbooks have overtaken photo albums in popularity, but digital photo albums are just as easy to create and maintain. No more bulky books that you have to try to cram into cupboards, boxes or closets. You can keep a neat stack of DVDs available to show off your wedding photo album or the snapshots of your new baby, or display your photos nicely in a photo box or artfully arranged group of frames.

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Photo Storage Boxes, Frames and Albums

If you're the type of person who likes to be able to see, touch and pass your photos around, then the old way of doing things might be something you want to stick to. However, consider another way of storing your photographs: the photo storage box.

When you keep pictures in storage photo boxes, you won't have to worry about fading or damage. Most boxes are made with acid-free materials to protect your photos from harm, and you can use sleeves or sections that let you keep photos sorted inside the box. Storage and photo boxes go hand in hand – they're easy to slip under furniture or stack in a cupboard or closet, and they're smaller than conventional photo albums, making them easier to handle.

Another option for photo display and storage is a picture frame. Picture frames are almost an art form in and of themselves; they come in a variety of different layouts, shapes, sizes and colors. Consider using this method of photo storage if you're someone who likes to show off your photography skills. A digital photo frame means that you don't need to even print off your pictures – simply insert your camera's memory card into the frame and view a never-ending slideshow of your favorite pictures.

Digital Photo Storage Options

With the advent of the digital age, a baby photo album or your Mexican vacation photos are now easier to share with friends and family than ever before. Consider uploading an online photo album to an image hosting site. Most of these sites are free and have a predetermined storage limit that still allows you to upload plenty of pictures and video files. You can tinker with the privacy settings to make sure only authorized users can view your images.

Another great way to store photos digitally is to use a camera memory card. You will probably buy one when you get a digital camera, but it's best to have at least two, in case one fills up or gets lost.

Arranging your photos and writing descriptions, either online or in an album or a photo box, can be a lot of fun. The joy of sharing doesn't end, and your memories are protected too.