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Memory Card

Memory stick storage for digital cameras

Expand your capacity to store and save photos, even when you're away from your computer or printer. Have you ever had to delete some great shots while you were away from home, at a party or exploring the great outdoors?

Your digital camera may have come equipped with a digital camera memory card, but cards that come with cameras are typically not the highest capacity memory cards. To fully enjoy your digital camera and the mobility it offers, invest in another card. When one is full, and you're not near your computer or a memory card reader, you can use the other card, so you won't have to delete even one precious memory.

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Advantages of Memory Cards

Unlike film, flash memory cards are rewritable. Upload the photos to a device, erase them and reuse the card. Memory sticks are convenient because they can be removed from digital cameras and shared with compatible devices, including computers, printers and digital picture frames.

Flash card memory also provides a sleek way to organize and store photos for safekeeping. The cards are small and slim, so they take up little space. Some cards are also built for general media storage, not limiting you just to photo storage.

Keep Memories Safe

When you use an SD memory card, also known as a secure digital memory card, with a digital camera, you can keep your photos safe and secure. Store more photos by keeping a spare memory card in your camera case. The flash card memory storage capacity for a 2 GB card is about 3,000 photos; a 4 GB card can hold 12,000 photos, and an 8 GB card can hold 24,000 photos. The exact number of photos depends on the resolution level and compression.

The next generation, SDHC, or secure digital high capacity memory cards, store up to 32 GB and can be used in SDHC-compatible devices, including new digital cameras. The SDHC cards are not backward-compatible, so they cannot be used with older digital cameras that use the SD format.

The Memory Card Reader

Memory card readers are devices that read the data stored on digital camera memory cards. They can be used to transfer digital photos from the card to a printer, a digital picture frame, a PDA or a computer. Most readers are hot-swappable, which means you do not have to reboot the computer or device to attach the reader and transfer the photo files.

Written by Pam Gaulin