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Web Hosting

Store files online using web hosting services

Photos, digital music files and work files can eat up a lot of storage space on your computer or laptop. To safeguard your files without taxing your computer's storage resources, use a web hosting provider to keep your digital documents organized. Prices are flexible, and you can even find free web hosting providers.

Free web hosting services are often dedicated to one type of media, be it photos, documents, mp3s or video files. These free storage services make it easy for you to both save and share media. Media files can be tagged for easy organization, and photos can be arranged in online photo albums for easy viewing.

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Comparing Services

When shopping for cheap web hosting service providers, compare the suite of services each offers to determine which site offers the best value. Most free and cheap sites put a lot of advertisements on the page, or inundate you with pop up ads – after all, they have to make money somehow. Sites with fewer ads require paid membership, but make it easy to store and share media files.

If you can afford to join a pay site, shop around. While affordable web hosting services are easy to come by, you still want to make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck. Prices and services vary greatly, and it's important to compare reliability, reputation and the amount of multimedia storage each provider offers. Also consider customer support features, and find out about any limitations on file sharing, uploading and downloading.

The Advantages of Web Hosting

When you store digital media files with a web hosting service, your files are available to you wherever you have Internet access, your log on and your password. It will not matter if you uploaded your files at home, on a laptop or at work. Web-based files are always available, regardless of the device you use to access those files. You won't have to worry about remembering to bring your USB flash drive with you or lugging around a bulky external hard drive.

People who travel, or work from home part of the work week, college students and high school students can benefit from using web hosting for their media files.

Mind Your Business Files

If you run a business and need to store files online, consider using business web hosting sites that offer generous upload limits. Be sure to pick a network which allows you the space capacity to upload complicated spreadsheets, lengthy instruction manuals or elaborate presentation slide shows.

For e-commerce web hosting, look for companies that operate dedicated servers, offer unlimited hosting space and bandwidth, and allow peer-to-peer media file transfers. You should also feel secure when using commercial web hosting sites for business file storage; make sure that you understand each provider's privacy and confidentiality policies before committing to a service contract.

Written by Pam Gaulin