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Tips for organizing your attic

Get organized! If you're starting your annual spring cleaning, a good place to start is your attic. A lot of people imagine attics as scary, cobwebby places with lots of old furniture and antiques, but modern attics are more like crawl spaces in the top of your house. However, that doesn't mean items and pieces of furniture don't get stuffed up there and forgotten about.

Here are some tips for organizing your attic storage area so that you can find more room at the top of your house and maybe even rediscover things you forgot you had!

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Attic Organization Tips

Follow these simple steps to make organizing your attic less of a chore:

First, go through everything. Get a few people to help you, and spend the day in the attic sorting everything into one of three categories: use, store or toss. Arrange to sell your unwanted items or get them appraised; toss broken items in the garbage and set aside the items you want to use or keep in storage. If you're looking at selling old furniture and items in an antique auction or shop, you may have to do some restoration. Make sure to destroy tax records and sensitive financial documents that are more than 7 years old. You don't want that information to fall into the wrong hands.

Next, clean the attic from top to bottom – wash the floors, set new vermin traps, wipe down the walls and dust everything. Repair any holes in the drywall.

Third, put some shelving for smaller items into place, or add storage racks for keeping larger objects, if your attic is big enough. You may want to utilize your space for a bedroom or even a loft area. If you are looking into attic remodeling, then separate your attic into a storage area and a living area, and organize accordingly.

Finally, never underestimate the power of storage boxes; in your attic's case, you should complete the attic renovation and organization by buying sturdy plastic or resin boxes that will withstand vermin and provide seasonal storage for holiday items or winter clothing.

A clean attic delivers more storage space, or even living space. Get organized this season and rediscover your treasures in the attic.