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Spring Cleaning

A helpful spring cleaning checklist

Winter's gone and spring has sprung – it's a time for everyone to be happy and get outside in the fresh air, but your home is overflowing with unneeded items and clutter, not to mention dirt that you never knew your house could hold. Never fear – spring cleaning season is upon us, and having a checklist will make it easier for you to finish your chores, get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Start by deciding which rooms or closets you want to clean out first. Make spring cleaning checklists that list the tools that you'll need, cleaning products you'll want and steps you'll follow to make the process easier.

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In the kitchen, start by washing down all walls, ceiling fans, curtains, windows and counters. Next, clean your oven and stove thoroughly, then clean out your refrigerator, dishwasher, floors and kitchen cabinets.

When you're wiping down cupboards, it's a good time to go through and get rid of any dishes and cooking implements that need replacement or clearing out. Try implementing some storage solutions for cluttered kitchens; pot racks and drawer organizers will keep your utensils compartmentalized and easy to find.

Cleaning Different Areas of Your Home

When cleaning your living room and bedroom areas, start by gathering up all the items contributing to the clutter and having someone sort it. Walls, carpets, furniture and surfaces should all be thoroughly cleaned. You may want to hire a cleaning service to properly sterilize and seal the surfaces of your furniture and carpets.

Art and photographs in every room should be cleaned carefully; this is an often-overlooked part of spring cleaning. Bathrooms and closets should be carefully de-cluttered. Throw away any expired medicine and products. Air duct cleaning is a good thing to do when the warm weather arrives as well; it's been proven that dirty ducts can contribute to respiratory illness and conditions, such as asthma. Hire a professional to do this.

Spring cleaning is an important part of readying yourself for a new season; knowing your house is sparkling clean gives you confidence and peace of mind.