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Storage Tips

The best home organization tips

Are you thinking of reorganizing your home? De-cluttering and spring cleaning are wonderful ways to start anew; both activities can reduce the stress that comes with having too much stuff. Start fresh and get organized by finding the hidden storage areas in your home.

Home Organization Tips

Storage tips for the home start with organizing your material possessions into three categories: those you use a lot, those that can be stored and those that can be tossed. Before you do anything else, sort everything into these categories. A great way to make some money from your excess items is to hold a garage or yard sale, or post on an online recycling board. One person's trash is another person's treasure.

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Hidden Storage Areas in Your Home

Everyone has them – all you need to do is look and be a little creative! Even the smallest apartment has closet space to start with. If you have shelves, then you have more storage options. Here's how to find the places in your home to store items:

  1. Invest in some good storage boxes or baskets, first of all. Once you have the storage chests you need, you can find a place to put them.
  2. Start with one room at a time. The top shelf of your closet and the space under your bed are both good places to store extra winter clothes and shoes. Clear plastic storage cubes keep the dust and lint off so you can have mint-condition clothes when you need them.
  3. Never underestimate the power of wall space – if you have a wall, you can store books, knickknacks, CDs and DVDs. Build a wall organization system; use bookshelves or cubbyholes to store your items easily. Everything will have a place, which makes it easier to put things back where they belong.
  4. Invest in furniture with multiple functions – an ottoman can serve both as a coffee table and a storage chest. You don't have to buy new furniture; storage baskets and boxes can be kept under couches, in drawers and on top of bookshelves. One of the easiest home office organization tips you can implement is to invest in a desk; keep the drawers organized by using compartments for storing your office supplies.

Home organization isn't hard – it just takes some work to make it efficient and stress-free. An organized home is a happy home, so get to work and enjoy the ability to find anything you're looking for!