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Bathroom Accessories

Stylish bathroom storage accessories

Bathroom accessories can be an easy way to update a space on a limited budget. With the varied items available, you are guaranteed to find some that fit your budget and your space.

Picking Bathroom Accessories

When choosing bathroom accessories, try to choose items that will provide necessary storage, but will also fit within the space. Chrome bathroom accessories, for example, may fit with most modern or minimalist decors, but may appear out of place in more traditional spaces.

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Matching accessories can really pull a bathroom together. Bath accessories sets are an easy choice for people who want a coordinated look. Most contemporary bath accessories are matching sets, but the pieces are sold individually.

Discount bathroom accessories are a great way for homeowners who have a small budget to add charm to their space. Discounted accessories may often be sold as individual items and not as a set, making it more difficult to match. However, if you choose items in a neutral color that have a similar design, it is easy to mix and match them for a great effect.

Types of Bathroom Accessories

Bath accessories are available to hold, organize or display almost anything. How few or how many accessories you have will depend on your needs, budget and space. A few basic items that can be found in almost any bathroom are:

  • Soap dish: While you can buy a soap dish as part of a bathroom accessory set, try using an unexpected object if you dislike matching. Any object that allows for drainage and holds water away from the soap can be used.
  • Toothbrush holder: Although a simple cup can be used, you may find it more sanitary to choose a holder that has individual spots for each brush. Of course, if you prefer using cups, consider designating an individual cup for each member of your family.
  • Cotton swab or cotton ball container: A small container to hold cotton swabs or cotton balls is a great storage accessory, as well as a reminder for children to make use of these products.
  • Shower caddy: Shower caddies come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors and can be used to hold everything from shower accessories to oral hygiene products to bathroom odds-and-ends (first-aid supplies, lotions, perfumes, etc.). Some models can even be mounted to a wall to save precious shelf and cupboard space.

Of course, what woman's bathroom would be complete with a cosmetics organizer? Keeping your makeup organized will help make your morning routine more efficient. A countertop organizer keeps your cosmetics easily at hand, while a cosmetic drawer organizer allows you to keep your makeup organized and out of sight.

Written by Amy Whittle