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Linen Closet

Linen storage and organization tips

A linen closet is any cabinet that you use to keep extra towels, sheets and other household linens. While linen closets used to be an essential for every home, modern houses are often without this amenity, making free-standing cabinets common.

Linen Closet Designs

Linen closet designs vary greatly depending on the size and type of house. Homes built before 1950 commonly have a linen closet that is built in, normally located in the bathroom or in a hallway. Most had cabinet shelving on the top and a set of drawers on the bottom for heavier items such as blankets.

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Modern houses often lack a built-in linen closet, so a piece of furniture is often used in its place. Armoires, pantries and specially built linen closets are all common. Some households attach cabinetry to a wall to add a linen closet to their home. This type of alteration is often found in a bathroom.

Linen Closet Organizers

Due to the many different sizes of linens, linen closet organizers are a common way to keep things tidy. If a linen closet is very deep, storage baskets are commonly used to group like items together while allowing them to slide in and out of reach as needed. Extra shelves are also often available if there is insufficient shelving in your linen closet. Some of these shelves slip over existing shelves and are removable, making installation unnecessary.

A linen closet door organizer further makes use of the available space. Baskets are often fixed on the door to fit in between shelves. These baskets can hold napkins, washcloths or other small, light linens.

Linen Storage Tips

Linens should be carefully stored when not in use. Be sure to rotate items that are used often, such as the family towels, so the sets wear evenly. Some families group towels in a set (bath towel, hand towel, washcloth), while others prefer to store all like towels together. At the very least, guest towels should be grouped as a set for easy access when preparing for visitors. Special occasion items, such as fancy tablecloths, should be wrapped in acid-free paper and stored near cedar chips or oil to prevent insect damage.

Written by Amy Whittle