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Towel Racks

Accent your bathroom with the right towel rack

Towel racks provide valuable storage for both damp and clean towels as well as an accent for the bathroom space. A bath towel rack can be any freestanding or wall-mounted unit that can hold towels. Some bathroom towel racks forgo traditional rods and use pegs instead, although rods still remain common.

Types of Towel Racks

Towel racks vary widely, ranging from a single wall-mounted rod to a heated towel rack that can hold four or more towels at a time. The type of rack you choose for your bathroom will depend on your needs, the available space and any personal preferences.

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Towel rods are the simplest type of towel racks available. They consist of a single rod, mounted to a wall. Most can accommodate only two or three towels: several rods are needed if you want to hold more than that. Despite the simplicity of the design, towel rods can be found in large selection of finishes and shapes. Some are particularly ornate and many imitate curtain rods in appearance.

A chrome towel rack is a popular item found in many bathrooms. They are often chosen because they match the faucets and other hardware of the bathroom. If brass accessories are predominant in your bathroom, this type of towel rack should probably be avoided. For other bathrooms, however, chrome towel racks are excellent choices that are easy to clean and can complement many different decors.

For more traditional or whimsical bathrooms, a wrought iron towel rack is an excellent way to enhance the space. Unlike cast iron, which is ornate, wrought iron towel racks often make use of a few simple, repetitive designs. For the perfect towel rack, consider commissioning a wrought iron rod or rack for your bathroom.

Heated Towel Racks

Heated towel racks used to be common only in luxury hotels, but they are gaining popularity for residential use. Due to the heat involved, it is important to choose a heated towel rack that is sturdy and will not become top-heavy, even when loaded with towels. Even so, it's probably better to store your excess towels in a linen closet instead of stacking them on a rack. Keep in mind that most heated racks are not made to accommodate damp towels for drying: it is prudent to have another rack for this purpose.

Written by Amy Whittle