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Get your closets organized

Whether you live in an apartment or in a big house, everyone has closets – and everyone's closets are probably in need of some organization. You might have a pantry that's full of half-used flour bags and old cans of soup, or a linen closet with towels and sheets stacked haphazardly where you can fit them. If you're wasting valuable time trying to find something in your closet that you should be able to just grab from the shelf, then it's time to get organized and de-clutter.

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Closet Organization Starts with a Great Organizer

You could pay a professional to come to your home and help you organize your closet, but why not just do it yourself? You could use a stylish organization solution, such as California Closets, found both online and in big-box and hardware stores. The great thing about closet organizers is that they incorporate both specialized closet shelving and bars at different heights and in different sizes. They can fit any closet and will store all of your stuff neatly; no more pulling out your favourite beach towel from under a mound of old sheets!

Closet design is important when choosing a closet organizer. A walk-in closet will require more of a system to keep all your clothes. You may even consider garment racks to help you organize your many pairs of shoes or out-of-season garments. Luckily, you don't have to have white or metal bars gleaming everywhere – you can make your closet look like the greatest couture treasure chest or go with a more functional look. It's your choice.

Jewelry and Shoes Need Organization Too

You might think of a typical jewelry box as small and cramped, but these jewelry organizers put an end to the tangled earrings, necklaces and rings you might find yourself sorting through when it's time for an evening out. Hang your necklaces properly from the hooks on the door and store your rings and earrings in their own separate drawers. It will make your jewelry easy to find. Some jewelry organizers even have a lock for extra security.

Closet storage isn't complete without proper shoe organization. You can choose to have a rack mounted on your closet door, or build a proper shoe cupboard. If you have a smaller closet, a shoe rack is probably the better option.

Closet organization makes life easier and allows you to find your items when you need to, without losing valuable time. In today's world, that's probably the most important benefit of organization.