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Closet Accessories

Great accessories for your closet

You'd be amazed at how much more you can fit in your closet when it's organized properly. Innovative manufacturers of closet storage accessories have created drawer, rack and shelving units that compartmentalize closet space and maximize its potential.

These solutions are ideal for homes with limited storage space, people with extensive wardrobes and those who want to enhance the life and appearance of high-end clothing and accessories. Of course, closets attract clutter like honey attracts flies, so there's barely a home in the country that couldn't benefit from implementing some form of closet organizer.

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An Overview of Closet Organizer Accessories and Products

Closet organizers come in many shapes and sizes; popular styles include floor-supported systems, wall-mounted systems and modular systems. Most retailers package their organizers with unique closet accessories that have been specially designed to work with their space-saving systems. These closet organizer accessories include everything from positional hangers and coat hooks to removable laundry bins, fold-out stepladders and shoe shelves.

Floor-supported systems tend to work best with walk-in closets. These systems feature drawers that attach to the bottom parts of closet doors, transforming otherwise empty space into extra storage. Wall-mounted systems leave floor space clear and unencumbered, instead dividing empty walls into halved or quartered units that deliver a lot more bang for your storage buck. Modular closet organizers have the flexibility to grow and change with your shifting needs, allowing you to add and take away shelves, hooks, rods and racks as you see fit.

Beyond the Closet Door: More Storage Solutions for Bedrooms

One technique you can consider for adding storage space to your bedroom is a home-assembled space organizer. Rather than going to the trouble of building a closet — complete with drilling, hammering, messy drywall, tedious framing, sanding and painting — you can purchase an easy-to-install wardrobe concept piece.

These furnishings come with pre-assembled frames and hanging rods, onto which you simply attach a sliding door or curtain. In a matter of minutes, you're able to create a closet extension that gives you a place to store anything you aren't able to find a place for in your newly organized bedroom.

Custom cabinetry can also solve your bedroom storage woes. Economical pieces that are every bit as attractive as conventional furnishings but are ergonomically designed with built-in drawer organizers are affordable additions you can make. Specialized garment racks can also be added to closets and unoccupied corners of the room to decrease clutter and keep like objects together in one convenient place.