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Closet Organizer

Get organized with a closet system

A closet organizer can make even a small closet feel more spacious by making use of all the available space. The success of a closet organizer system largely depends on the planning involved before it is installed, as well as how well the finished product matches your storage needs.

Closet Organizer Systems

Closet organizer systems are any type of storage system that helps divide your closet space more efficiently. They range from an extra clothes bar to basic shelving to more specialized storage, such as shoe racks.

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Most homeowners buy a modular system, which offers several elements that can be combined to fit the needs and space requirements of a particular person. These vary widely in price and complexity, but most are designed for homeowners who want to organize and install a closet system themselves.

Custom closet systems are very similar to modular systems, except a designer will be involved to help plan the space. Custom closet systems can meet any storage need, from varying cubby sizes for handbags to custom drawers for scarves. Before meeting with a designer, it is helpful to have an idea of how you would like to utilize the space in your closet and what would make it more efficient. To do this, it is important to consider the elements of closet design.

Closet Designs

The complexity of your closet design will largely depend on the space you have to devote to it. Large walk-in closets can house a variety of design elements that will make finding your wardrobe items and getting ready in the morning a pleasure.

The key to a good closet design is to think about the needs of the individual. If your closet is large enough to dress in, consider adding a full-length mirror. For women with an extensive handbag or shoe collection, drawers or cabinets with clear fronts can display a collection without allowing it to gather dust. Built-in drawers that take the place of a dresser are also popular in modern homes.

Closet Organization Tips

Look at home design magazines for ideas on current trends and essential items for your closet space. Keep in mind that if your budget is small, you can choose a plain closet organizer, but use baskets, hangers and clothes racks to further organize and customize the space.

Written by Amy Whittle