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Garment Bags

Choosing a garment bag for storage or travel

A well-chosen garment bag is essential for the frequent traveler or the homeowner who has a few special items that need extra care. Garment bags are available in cloth, leather, vinyl, nylon and other materials. While there are garment bags made for storage, short transport and travel, most bags are only suitable for one use.

Types of Garment Bags

A plastic garment bag, such as the type used by dry cleaners and clothing retailers, should never be allowed to cover an item of clothing for a long period of time. Some believe that these bags can cause light-colored items to yellow prematurely. For people concerned about the environment, bringing your own cloth garment bag is an acceptable option for many dry cleaners.

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A clear garment bag is useful for storage, especially when used to store a single item. When choosing a clear garment bag, try to find one that is breathable, but also insect-resistant. A vinyl garment bag is inexpensive and a good solution for storing some items; most clear garment bags are made of this material. For clothing that might be damaged by UV rays, a solid cloth bag may be a better solution.

A wheeled garment bag is an essential item for any frequent business traveler. This type of garment bag often folds in half, preventing most wrinkles while allowing the clothing to remain on hangers while traveling. When the destination is reached, the clothing can immediately be hung once more. Wheeled garment bags are the most desirable type for frequent flyers because they distribute the weight of the clothes on wheels, allowing you to carry other things, such as a laptop case.

A leather garment bag should only be used for travel and never for storage. If you do store your clothes in a leather garment bag for long periods of time, be warned that they may start to smell like the bag. Despite this, the leather garment bag is an excellent choice when traveling, because the toughness of the leather does a good job of protecting clothing, and a well-made bag like that can be used for years.

Written by Amy Whittle