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Compare popular clothes hanger styles

Getting the right clothes hangers depends on the size, breadth and style of your wardrobe. While many people may prefer the appearance of a series of simple, identical wooden hangers, it is best to have several types of hangers to accommodate different articles of clothing.

Specialty Clothes Hangers

There are a wide range of hangers available, each designed to hold a specific type of clothing:

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  • Wire hangers. Once a staple of most closets, wire hangers have largely been discarded because of their tendency to alter the shape of clothes. Try plastic or wood instead to preserve your clothing.
  • Plastic hangers. Plastic hangers are manufactured in two varieties: a slightly flexible molded plastic and a heavier, more brittle type that is often paired with a wire top. Both are fine for hanging clothes, as long as the weight of the fabric matches the sturdiness of the hanger.
  • Wooden hangers. Wooden hangers are available in a large collection of sizes, shapes, and colors. While most are made of an inexpensive wood, like pine, they are also available in hardwood and luxury woods, such as oak and mahogany.
  • Heavy hangers. This type of hanger can be made of wood or plastic and can hold more weight than a typical lightweight hanger. It's perfect for clothing made of heavyweight fabric.
  • Huggable hangers. Huggable hangers adjust to prevent clothing from slipping off. This makes them ideal for lightweight shirts or sleeveless tops.
  • Coat hangers. These hangers, usually made of wood, are designed to accommodate a heavy coat or jacket. They should have beveled edges that help preserve the shape of the shoulder.
  • Door hangers. Door hangers are popular in office environments, where they can be slipped over the top of an office door. They provide an easy spot to hang a few articles of clothing, but should not be used as a permanent solution.

Matching Clothes Hangers with Your Wardrobe

The best way to ensure that you will have the correct hangers in your closet is to take a quick inventory of your current clothing collection. Make note of each article of clothing and the best type of hanger to accommodate it. In order to achieve a cohesive aesthetic, try choosing a single material for all of your hangers.

Written by Amy Whittle