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Jewelry Box

Tips about jewelry boxes and jewelry organizers

A jewelry box is, quite simply, an object commonly used to store various pieces of jewelry, but many people fail to realize the organizational functions they offer. A jewelry box can help you quickly identify the best pieces of jewelry to accent an outfit or to transition your look from day to night, provided you actually organize your jewelry. Tossing it all in the box without a thought as to its organization wouldn't help at all.

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Jewelry Organizer

When shopping for a jewelry box, it's important to look for one that has a jewelry organizer. A jewelry organizer will have compartments, drawers and hangers that you can use to properly store and organize your jewelry. For example, you can hang up your necklaces so that you can quickly find one to match your outfit. You can also use the drawers and containers to separate your smaller pieces of jewelry by type, metal or color.

Special Jewelry Storage

If you have a lot of jewelry, then a basic wood jewelry box may not be the right option for you. Instead, you may want to purchase special jewelry storage devices for specific jewelry items. For example, there are earring holders, watch cases and ring boxes available to store and organize their respective items. Separating your jewelry into individual boxes simply makes it easier to organize your jewelry, and you'll be able to find the piece you need to complete a look in no time.

Create a Jewelry Storage System

When you have a large collection of jewelry, it's easy to lose or damage pieces if you just put them all into a drawer. In order to protect your investment, you need to devise a jewelry storage system that will safely store your items. This can be done by selecting jewelry organizers and jewelry boxes that have the right storage features for your particular jewelry, such as hangers for necklaces, felt fingers for rings and pin holes for earrings. With just a little organization in a jewelry box, you'll always know where to find any specific piece of jewelry to create the perfect look.

Written by Eisla Sebastian