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Garage Storage

Solutions to garage storage problems

By definition, a garage is a place to store your car, but it can also be used as a miscellaneous storage shed or an extra room of the house for outside items and tools. If you feel like your life is being taken over by the mess in your garage, here are some garage storage ideas to help you clean up.

Garage Storage Systems and Organizers

Much like a closet, a garage can be a tangle of different items thrown haphazardly into any available space. First, clean out your garage. You can do this by having a garage sale or simply throwing out or recycling whatever you don't need.

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Arrange the remaining items into piles – outside tools and toys, bikes, car accessories, etc. This will help you decide and organize your space. A garage storage system can start you on your way to proper garage organization.

Typically a garage storage system involves racks, shelving and cabinets, but you can also incorporate a workbench or even build it to take advantage of the rafters. Depending on how much floor space you want, you may consider a garage overhead storage system that involves a lot of racks. Overhead storage allows easy access to your tools, toys and equipment and also frees up more room for bigger pieces of equipment that can't be hung from the walls or rafters.

Garage Storage Racks

If you have the perennial problems of bikes and other equipment being thrown into a dusty corner of your garage, taking up space, then why not try a bike rack? Tire racks can also help with spare snow tires lying around on the off-season, and wall storage is a great way to keep track of all your tools and smaller items that can be easily lost in a messy garage.

Cabinets and Garage Storage Units

If you do a lot of work in your garage, garage storage cabinets are the best way to ensure that all your tools are in their proper places at all times and can be easily found. You could mount a cabinet system on the wall or build it as part of a workbench setup. Cabinets can be big and durable, or small and portable, such as a simple tiered tool box.

If you're really serious about garage organization, try hiring a garage equipment storage solutions company. They will do an in-home consultation and help you decide what the best storage options are for you.