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Bike Rack

Compare popular car bike rack styles

Bike racks are ideal for transporting bicycles, especially for traveling and moving. Bike racks offer a secure option of hauling a single bike or many bikes and can be attached to the roof or rear of a vehicle.

Rear Mounted Car Bike Racks

Bicycles are fragile modes of transportation. If they are not held securely in a bike rack during your vacation or outdoor excursion, they will rattle around your back seat, trunk or trailer, risking damage to both the bike and the vehicle carrying it. Besides that, you and your passengers will quickly grow weary of all the noise and din that loose bikes will create.

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Hitch bike racks are designed to safely hold and transport up to five bicycles. A reliable hitch mount bike rack can be purchased for as little as $70 for a single bike, or more than a $100 for multiple bikes. These bike racks are great for trucks and RVs that are equipped with hitches.

Another popular option for transporting bikes is the spare wheel bike rack. A spare wheel bike rack attaches to the spare tire located on the rear of a vehicle. This option allows easier access to the vehicle, as the rear door is still free to swing open.

Either of these rear-mounted bike racks will keep your bike more protected since the bicycle will be behind the vehicle and therefore less open to the elements encountered at the front of the vehicle when driving.

Roof Mounted Car Bike Racks

Another common form of a car bike rack mounts to the roof of the vehicle. These racks are often thought to carry just ski equipment, but specific roof racks are designed to carry bikes as well. One disadvantage is that your bicycles are exposed to the wind, more so than with a rear hitch bike rack. You also must be sure of the bike rack's clearance if your route includes any low-level tunnels or underpasses.

Bike Rack Storage at Home

There are many garage storage options for bikes when they're not in use. You can attach a device inside your garage door, or on the garage wall, that will hold your bike in either a horizontal or vertical position. You can even purchase and install a bracket that holds the bike vertically by wrapping a clamp around the top wheel. With a bike tree, you can place multiple bicycles in this sort of arrangement, keeping your bikes safe while freeing up space in the garage.

Written by Michael Thompson