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Garage Organization

Our best garage organization ideas

Garage organization can help you create a space that is functional but still provides a lot of storage. While the best systems take your specific needs into account, here are some basic tips to help any homeowner get organized.

Garage Organization Ideas

Even with a system in place, a few simple garage organization ideas will help you solve more complicated storage problems:

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  • Make use of labels. Use some type of mechanism to help you remember where each item in your garage belongs. Hanging tools, for example, can be traced with a marker when in place; then replacing the tools only requires matching the outline to the appropriate tool.
  • Consider using pegboard to stay organized. Installing pegboard is an easy way to make use of wall space to organize hand tools and other items.

  • Buy specialty storage. A tool chest or a tool box may be expensive, but specialty storage designed to store specific items is often worth the additional cost.

  • Buy clear totes. A clear tote will not only help you locate items in the future quickly, but it will also encourage you to organize the inside of each tote carefully.
  • Garage Organization Systems

    Garage organization systems are specially designed storage elements that fit together to house most items commonly kept in a garage. When choosing a garage organization system, make sure it is made with your specific needs in mind. Some systems will help convert your garage into a small tool shop perfect for weekend projects, while others will be designed to offer a lot of storage, but little else.

    Garage Organization Tips

    Whether you choose a garage organization system or choose to design your own storage system, keep these garage organization tips in mind:

  • Try to only store what you'll use. Items that are outdated, broken or no longer regularly used can be sold or donated to a worthy organization.
  • Look for other storage spaces. Garages often collect items when other storage space is not available. Try looking in closets and other areas of your home to find places to house items are often used outside of the garage.
  • Don't forget vertical space. Many people forget that wall space can be just as valuable as floor space, especially in a garage. Although installing shelves is a common way to make use of this space, don't discount hanging large items. You could put bicycles on a hanging bike rack; sports equipment and hand tools are also easy to hang and store on a wall.

Written by Amy Whittle