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Tire Rack

Tire racks for storage and transport

Tires are bulky and awkward, and it's easy to waste a lot of garage space storing them. Things get out of control even more quickly in commercial settings; it can take attendants a long time to dig through the piles of rubber spheres collected on the property until he finds the right size tire for your vehicle.

Tire racks allow you to organize and arrange your tire collection efficiently. Whether you own or operate a tire garage or want to declutter your home garage, a tire rack may be just the solution for you.

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Consider a Trailer Tire Rack

If you have an RV or camper, trailer tire racks offer an effective solution. These collapsible racks attach to the walls of your vehicle. Most trailer tire racks come with a safety rod that lets you secure the unit in place while you travel.

Commercial Tire Storage Racks

The key to tire storage is to place tires vertically for easy removal. Even though vertical tire storage racks come with dividers, they can occupy a lot of floor space, making efficient garage organization difficult. Horizontal tire storage racks can be screwed into the wall, leaving more floor space.

For a large quantity at a used tire store, a three-tiered horizontal tire storage rack is very efficient. The lower rack makes tires easily accessible from floor level, and the upper rack of the trio can spread across eye level for similar easy access. Tires can be grouped by size for customers; the customer can then easily remove the tires and conduct inspections before choosing one.

A portable tire rack, mounted on wheels, makes it easy to move up to 16 tires from place to place; this is yet another option that businesses should consider. Commercial haulers also use stackable cages to keep tires in place. With forklifts, the cages can be stacked and interlocked.

Add a Spare Tire Rack to Your Garage

For personal use, you may wish to purchase a spare tire rack that holds four regular tires plus a spare. This is ideal for people who still change their tires at the beginning and end of winter rather than using all-weather, all-season tires.

Tractor tire storage is far more challenging, since they are larger than automobile tires and stick out when mounted on regular racks; thus, it is often more efficient to store them on vertical stacks. Look for solid construction when shopping for a tractor tire rack, because the weight of a tractor tire increases exponentially with its size.

Written by Michael Thompson