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Tool Box

Organize your workshop with a tool chest

With the classic image of a bright red metal tool box still holds sway in the minds of many craftsmen, a modern tool storage box is more likely to be constructed of lightweight aluminum or durable plastic rather than steel. You can even buy a tool box with a built-in light that illuminates dark areas for those times when you have to rig something together in the dark.

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Tool Boxes and Tool Storage Chests

Still, basics are basics. Many handymen cherish the tool box or tool storage chest that's been handed down to them from an earlier generation. Some tool storage chest manufacturers nowadays are promoting thicker steel, with wide steel-top lips, diagonally reinforced bars across the bottom and drawers that roll on ball bearings. In other words, if you prefer a classic look with modern features, manufacturers are listening.

Reliable Snap-On Tool Boxes

One such tool box manufacturer that has been relied on for years is Snap-On. Snap-On tool boxes are offered in many designs, including rolling tool boxes, roll cabs and top chests, and are mainstays in storage sheds across the country. Tool storage chests offer multiple shelves for easy access to tools.

The top on a "modern" tool box, unlike an old model, might rotate and pivot to deliver extra display space. Other conveniences are intended to help the worker find the tool of choice more easily instead of digging through a bunch of loose pieces. These advances truly are improvements, and they should not be dismissed as gimmicks.

The Latest Developments in Truck Tool Storage and Rolling Tool Boxes

The greatest changes in recent times aren't necessarily seen in your average garage or work bench tool box, but in the larger truck tool boxes designed for vehicles. Manufacturers have come up with an wide range of shapes and sizes for truck tool boxes, along with improved security measures, since people who use truck tool boxes usually are out in public for long periods of time. Another trend for truck tool boxes and large tool storage chests is the "rolling tool box." While they aren't light and can be tricky to lift to and from the truck, a rolling tool box can pivot anywhere in your shop, making it more convenient for you to work on sprawling projects or several jobs at once.

Written by Michael Thompson