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Kitchen Storage

Kitchen organization and storage solutions

A kitchen is a hubbub of activity and the center of your home, so is it any surprise that it might rank up there with some of the more disorganized rooms in your home? Many people complain that they can't find anything in their kitchen, from loose bills and children's schoolwork plastering the refrigerator to pots and pans haphazardly thrown into random cupboards and drawers. Thank goodness for good kitchen storage – with a little help, your messy kitchen can turn into a clutter-free zone where you can cook and relax.

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Start with Kitchen Storage Cabinets and Shelves

Start organizing your kitchen by going through your kitchen cabinets. Get rid of all the implements that you don't use – recycle them or give them away. Make sure all the kitchen items you use every day are in the cabinets that are easiest to reach. Store other little-used items in the cupboards that are farthest from your work area.

A great idea for pots and pans is a pot rack or a kitchen railing storage system. Save valuable space by installing one above your kitchen's island or stove. A railing can also hold kitchen utensils, getting rid of the common "utensil bucket" that sits on most counters. Try installing kitchen shelving to store toasters, spice racks, knife blocks and more to free up more counter space for food preparation.

Kitchen Organization

Wondering what to do with all that miscellaneous "stuff" that just doesn't fit in any other category, or have you got a lot of spare drawers that have no other use but to hold junk? Clean up your kitchen's act by getting drawer and counter organizers. If you've got a ton of schoolwork or paperwork just lying around on your counters or kitchen table, get a filing system to ensure that important things like report cards and test papers get signed, and bills get paid as they come in.

Silverware drawers can be a mess of forks, spoons, knives and even odd things like paper clips and pens! A drawer organizer will sort your cutlery so that it's easily found and put away.

Kitchen Storage Units and Modular Kitchen Storage

If little storage solutions just aren't cutting it, make storage part of your kitchen renovations. You can buy pre-made or self-assembly kitchen cabinets that fit odd corners of your kitchen. Modular storage also includes wine racks, telephone cabinets, kitchen islands and serving carts. Modular storage options online are reasonably priced and come in a variety of designs and colors.

If you really want to optimize space in your kitchen, try thinking up – modular storage can take the form of a cabinet that holds a wall oven or other appliance, making your freestanding stove and oven unneeded and freeing up floor space. Stacked appliances are often more ergonomic, especially in smaller kitchens.

Kitchen storage isn't hard when you know your options. Make sure to plan out your storage carefully so that you can maximize your space and your money.