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Choosing the best freezer for your needs

When you think of kitchen organization and storage, you're probably thinking of your pantry, kitchen cabinets and your refrigerator. But what about the freezer? Choosing the right freezer for your needs can actually save you money, and it begins by first considering the size of your kitchen.

Small Kitchens

You may think that a small kitchen doesn't give you many options, but there are many freezer models that can give you more space without taking up much room at all. These models are usually built into a fridge or are designed to take up only a small amount of space:

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  • Many people already have a refrigerator freezer, but if it doesn't offer enough space, consider purchasing a refrigerator that has either a larger top freezer, or a side-by-side freezer/refrigerator model.
  • If you don't have room for a side-by-side model, a bottom freezer is a great option. A bottom freezer is positioned under the refrigerator and is designed like a drawer. This option allows the user to freezer heavy items without worrying about frozen food falling onto their feet.
  • Compact freezers are a good choice for small kitchens. A compact freezer is designed to look like a small refrigerator, and is a great option if you need additional freezer space, but don't have the room for a large appliance.

Large Kitchens

If you have a larger kitchen or somewhere to store a large freezer, there are several cold storage options available to you:

  • A chest freezer is designed like a cube or it can be longer. If you're short or have trouble bending, a chest freezer may not be the best option. Most chest freezers are deep (some are even called deep freezers) and require you to bend into the freezer to pick items off the bottom.
  • If you want better storage, an upright freezer is the best option. Upright freezers are designed like refrigerators, and have shelves to make storage easier. Most also have a bin at the bottom for storing oddly shaped items. There are shelves in the door as well.

Written by Amy Brantley