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Kitchen Accessories

Accessories for a well-organized kitchen

Nothing kills a kitchen like clutter. If you want to maximize your space and make your kitchen a safer place to cook and eat, you'll find plenty of kitchen cabinet accessories at your local housewares retailer. From the simplest fridge magnet to the most elaborate cupboard organizer, you'll find everything you need to get organized and stay that way.

Custom Kitchen Accessories for Your Home

If you want your storage and organization efforts to add a unique touch to your home, you should consider adding custom kitchen accessories. Many home furnishing emporiums, woodcraft retailers, kitchen centers and interior design businesses are happy to incorporate customized requests into their product offerings.

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For example, if your cabinetry is finished in a distinctive wood grain or stain style, you can have wine racks and spice racks specially made to match, creating a uniform appearance in the room. Or, if your home has a more modern look, you can order pieces with a sleek, monotone finish that will blend right in.

A Laundry List of Kitchen Accessories to Consider

For many people with storage challenges, knowing where to start is the trickiest part of getting organized. Strategy is important, and keeping some kitchen organization tips in mind will help you get where you're going with fewer headaches and hassles.

First, go through your kitchen and get rid of anything you don't use. Toss it out, give it to a friend or neighbor, donate it to a secondhand store or offer it to your college-age children. Make sure all items you use on a regular basis are grouped together in a logical way and kept within easy reach. Use jars, holders and racks to store and organize utensils and tools you use around the kitchen.

Also, try to keep your counters clear of clutter, and make sure to replace anything that isn't working. Nothing will create a traffic jam faster than having to improvise solutions for kitchen equipment that isn't operational.

To help you launch your home improvement project, keep products like these in mind as you shop:

  • Crockery baskets
  • Sink grids
  • Spice and wine racks
  • Drawer inserts
  • Cupboard organizers
  • Dish drainers
  • Knife racks
  • Suspension rails and shelves
  • Cutlery stands
  • Glass racks

If you're on a budget, start with the pieces you are most in need of and build your storage and organization system over time, or check out garage sales, secondhand stores, online auctions and housewares wholesalers for an array of discount kitchen accessories. You may not get everything to match, but you can save 10, 20, 50 percent or more off the retail price.