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Kitchen Organizer

Organizers for kitchen cabinets and drawers

Organized kitchen cabinets and drawers can save you both time and money. A messy cabinet means you'll end up hunting for food items or cooking utensils far longer than you should. Keeping things organized in the kitchen will make meal preparation more efficient, and it will also ensure that food is consumed before it spoils. After all, why let food go to waste?

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Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

When you invest in a kitchen cabinet organizer, you're setting yourself up to save money down the road. A proper kitchen organizer stores food in a way that makes it more visible and easy to access, so chances are you'll use it before it goes bad. It will also allow you to store pots and pans so you can quickly find what you need. For example, a wire kitchen organizer can be purchased in several varieties: some have slots and others are designed to hold canned foods. Here are some examples of what you'll find at your local department store:

  • Tiered wire cabinet organizers consist of shelves that are perfect for storing canned goods. You can find this kitchen shelving in equal-length measures, or in models that look like steps so you can easily access items in the back.
  • Slotted organizers look similar to a mail organizer, and allow you to store baking pans or pot lids with ease. For the most efficient model, be sure to choose one on wheels that can easily be pulled from the cabinet.

Kitchen Drawer Organizers

No one likes to reach into a drawer and cut themselves on a sharp knife. A kitchen drawer organizer makes it easy to find what you need in a safe way. Here are some cutlery organizers to choose from:

  • A basic kitchen drawer organizer features 5 to 6 slots and is simply meant to keep all your forks, knives, spoons and other utensils stacked neatly together in one spot.

  • Stacked cutlery organizers feature two or more tiers. The top tier slides back and more silverware can be stored in the bottom. This is a great design if you have more than one set of silverware or have a small kitchen and need the extra space.

Written by Amy Brantley