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Kitchen Shelving

Tips for the best kitchen shelves

Proper kitchen shelving makes storage and organization easier, and is especially important in a small kitchen, where you need to make the best use of limited space. Kitchen shelves can be hung on the wall, installed in open cabinet space or placed in a pantry. You can even assemble a standalone shelving system. There are several different ways to add additional kitchen shelving and increase storage space.

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Wall Shelving

You can install any number of shelves, depending on the amount of available wall space you have. For example, if you don't have a spice rack, you could install a shelf along the wall behind your stove to store spices and cooking oils. On the wall behind your pantry door, you could place several thin shelves to hold canned goods. Try to take advantage of the space you have.

Cabinet and Kitchen Pantry Shelving

If you have bottom cabinets that lack shelving, you can always build shelves to fit inside the cabinet. By adding shelves inside your cabinets, you not only increase storage space, but you also improve organization. In your pantry, you can install some additional kitchen pantry shelving, but if adding shelves to your pantry is undoable, you can also purchase shelving systems to fit your existing pantry shelves to increase storage space.

Standalone Shelving Systems

If you have extra space in your kitchen, a standalone shelving system is a great investment. There are several models available, which are easy to assemble and can create a large amount of additional storage:

  • Metal kitchen shelving systems are usually referred to as a baker's rack. There's a shelf for your microwave, baking sheets and whatever else you would like to store. Just note that they aren't as sturdy as other shelving solutions.
  • If you don't have a pantry, a standalone pantry is a wonderful investment. You don't even have to buy anything fancy or expensive. For less than $100, a large bookshelf with doors will work as a pantry.
  • There are also hanging shelf systems that can be placed on the back of a door or on the side of your refrigerator. Though these systems add space, they can't hold a lot of weight – they're best suited for spices and other light items.

Written by Amy Brantley