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Pot Rack

Save space with a hanging pot rack

A kitchen pot rack offers additional storage as well as a wonderful way to show off your cookware, and a hanging pot rack can also be a piece of art. There are many different styles to choose from; a pot rack can be a simple piece of wood hanging from the ceiling, or it can be an elaborate iron sculpture. Whatever your needs or preferences, there's a pot rack out there for you.

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Hanging Pot Racks

A hanging pot rack, otherwise known as a ceiling pot rack, is wonderful for small kitchens. Instead of taking up valuable kitchen cabinet space, you can instead suspend your cookware from the ceiling. This also makes it easier to find the cookware you're looking for. You even leave space above the racks for storing baking dishes and lids for your cookware. If a hanging pot rack sounds like it might work well in your kitchen, consider these options:

  • A lighted pot rack offers not only convenient storage, but also a great way to illuminate dimmer areas. It also focuses more attention on your beautiful cookware.
  • An iron pot rack is truly something special. With designs ranging from simple to elaborate, these works of art are perfect for an upscale kitchen. However, you should note that these pot racks are heavy and must be properly reinforced.

Wall Pot Racks

If you're worried about suspending your cookware from the ceiling, or if your ceilings are too low, a wall pot rack is a great choice. Wall-mounted pot racks are just as beautiful as other kitchen pot racks; this type of pan rack is usually designed in a semi-circle shape that hangs flat against your wall. There is also additional storage for spices and cooking oils if you don't have the room to dedicate to a spice rack. Most people find that a wall pot rock is best mounted above the stove for easy access to stored items while cooking.

Written by Amy Brantley