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Drying Rack

Many styles of laundry drying racks

If you're looking for an easy way to save money, live green and reduce your carbon footprint, consider buying and using a laundry drying rack. Of all home appliances, electric clothes dryers are the second biggest energy consumer (the refrigerator is the first). With energy costs skyrocketing, it makes sense to utilize a drying rack; you'll not only lower your energy bill but also lessen your impact on the environment by creating fewer carbon emissions.

A drying rack also saves you money by extending the life of your clothes. The heat and friction of a conventional clothes dryer is quite tough on fabric, resulting in thinning and tearing, as well as misshapen garments. In contrast, a laundry drying rack is extremely gentle on your clothes.

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Regardless of their style or material, all laundry drying racks today are designed to be lightweight yet sturdy and easily portable. Most also fold up quickly and are easy to store when not in use.

The Evolution of Drying Racks

The clothes drying rack has improved considerably over the last several decades. Where once you could only find a small drying rack that wasn't very sturdy, today there's a wide variety of styles and sizes available.

The classic accordion-style wooden clothes drying rack still exists and is always a good choice, but now you can also find innovative new stainless steel and mesh designs, as well as space-saving pull-out racks designed to be mounted on the wall.

Another style is the versatile butterfly drying rack, which features large wings that unfold and are adjustable to several height positions, allowing you to hang and dry just about any garment.

Some laundry drying racks are even designed for specific purposes; for example, there are racks with clips for hanging socks and undergarments and racks designed specifically for drying sweaters.

The Sweater Drying Rack

Most sweaters require air drying to keep them from shrinking or getting stretched out of shape, but drying bulky sweaters over the bathroom towel rack or shower rod isn't very convenient and can cause stretching. Thankfully, there is a large selection of sweater drying racks to choose from.

A nylon-mesh hanging sweater rack is ideal because it allows air to circulate evenly on both sides of the garment for quicker drying. This type of rack is also great for gloves, hats and scarves.

If you have a lot of sweaters, you might want to buy a three-tiered sweater drying rack that allows you to dry multiple sweaters at a time without taking up a lot of space.

For drying heavy wool sweaters and jeans, there are racks that have a battery-operated fan underneath, which will dry your clothes up to 75 percent faster.

Whether you stick with the traditional wooden drying rack or opt for one of the newer models with more bells and whistles, a laundry drying rack is an eco-friendly and economical way to dry your clothes.

Written by Julia Williams