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Practical and stylish laundry hampers

In terms of looks, features and durability, the laundry hamper has come a long way in the last few decades. Where previously you could only find a handful of styles and sizes, now there is a multitude of clothes hampers to choose from. One thing that hasn't changed, however, is the hamper's practical purpose: to contain your dirty clothes until they can be cleaned.

The Wicker Hamper

The most popular style of hamper is the classic wicker hamper made from woven rattan, which adds a homey touch to your bedroom, bathroom, nursery or laundry room. Wicker hampers are attractive and durable, and come in round, square and rectangular shapes. Many include a removable fabric liner to further extend the life of this already long-lasting hamper.

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While natural brown and white are typically the only colors available in rattan wicker hampers, there are also vinyl wicker-lookalike hampers in white, brown, black, pink, blue, red and other colors.

The Folding Hamper

If you live in a small house, college dorm or an apartment, a folding hamper might be the best choice for you. When not in use, this style of hamper folds down flat so it can easily be stored out of the way in your closet or laundry room.

Lightweight and easily portable, a folding hamper is handy for carrying your dirty clothes from your bedroom to the laundry room or out to the laundromat. They're also perfect for toting swimsuits and towels to the beach, taking on camping trips or containing stuffed toys in the playroom.

The Pop-up Hamper

This style of clothes hamper is similar to the folding hamper in that it collapses to take up minimal space when it's not being used. The main difference in the pop-up hamper is the addition of a wire frame which allows it to spring open instantly.

Laundry Sorter

This modern style of laundry hamper typically features three or four compartments for pre-sorting your dirty clothes into whites, darks, colors and/or delicates. The laundry sorter is a real time-saver for big families or anyone who has lots of laundry. You can store the hamper in the bedroom and place soiled clothes in it every day, so that on wash day the laundry is pre-sorted. This convenient hamper on wheels is easy to transport from a closet or a bathroom to the laundry room.

Written by Julia Williams