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Laundry Cart

Make laundry day easier with a wheeled cart

Whether you love doing the laundry or dread it, having a rolling laundry cart can make this necessary household chore easier and more enjoyable, and it can save time, too.

There are four primary types of wheeled laundry carts: a supply caddy, a clothes sorter, a laundry organizer, and a folding laundry cart. All feature smooth rolling casters, so you can easily wheel them around your laundry room or to and from other rooms in your house.

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Laundry Supply Caddy

The laundry supply caddy is designed to store detergent, bleach, fabric softeners, stain removers and other wash-day essentials. This type of wheeled laundry cart is typically constructed with two or three metal or wood shelves and a long, narrow frame that fits neatly at the side of your washer or dryer, or slides between them for convenient, out-of-the-way storage when not in use.

Laundry Clothes Sorter

This style of rolling laundry cart is a convenient and time-saving way to presort and store your dirty clothes. It typically features three to four compartments with removable canvas bags for separating your clothes into whites, colors, towels and delicates. You can store the compact laundry cart in the bedroom closet or in your bathroom and place clothes in it daily so that on wash day, the loads are already sorted. Some styles even have replacement bags available, which considerably extends the life of this already durable laundry cart.

Laundry Organizer

This type of laundry cart with wheels features a rod for hanging up your clean clothes and a metal shelf on top for your folded clothes, in addition to the removable canvas bags for sorting dirty clothes. Alternately, the laundry organizer may have just one clothes bag along with three shelves for folded clothes or laundry supplies, but no rod for hanging clothes. Although these rolling laundry carts offer more versatility than a simple laundry cart, their larger size makes them impractical for small homes or apartments.

Folding Laundry Cart

If space is limited in your laundry room or home, you may want to get a folding laundry cart instead of the traditional style. This type of wheeled laundry cart is more convenient for smaller homes and apartments because you can fold it up and store it out of sight between uses. On wash day, the lightweight laundry cart unfolds quickly so you can easily wheel all your dirty clothes from your bedroom or bathroom to the laundry room, then back again after they're washed.

Although the four styles of laundry carts offer different benefits and advantages, they are all designed to make laundry day easier. Doing the laundry may be an unavoidable household chore, but with the help of a rolling laundry cart, it can definitely be more pleasant.

Written by Julia Williams