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Tips for home office organization

Your life is busy and you may find work often follows you home – this is why an organized home office is not only an important room in your house, but also essential to efficiency and focus when you find yourself up all night trying to finish that brief or spreadsheet. A disorganized office means that you've likely spent time sifting through papers and office supplies, trying to find an important piece of data or a folder you need to finish your project. Life isn't all about work – so we've compiled some home office organization ideas that will make working from home much easier.

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A Clean Desk Is an Efficient Workspace

You've heard it all your life – when you have a clean space to work on, it's much easier to work. That's especially true when it comes to a home office used by more than one person. Desk organizers can help you sort papers, keep pens and pencils in order and keep folders handy when it comes time to find what you need. A desk drawer organizer is invaluable for keeping your workspace clean and uncluttered.

If you find yourself constantly digging through files in vain, why not try a home office organization filing system? This can take the form of a file holder or home office storage cabinets that lock to protect your important private papers. One of the disadvantages of a filing cabinet, however, is that it's often heavy and takes up valuable floor space. Try a folder system instead and mount plastic holders on the walls to keep your important papers at the ready.

Home Offices Can Also Be Trophy Rooms and Art Galleries

Hobby and keepsake storage is often important when trying to design an organization system for a home office. Many people decorate their offices to reflect what they like, so proper storage is essential.

Sometimes, storing keepsakes like your child's artwork or trophies can be hard. You want to keep them looking nice, but locking them away in a cabinet or closet can actually degrade their condition faster. Try a display case instead – you can arrange keepsakes in an attractive manner and frame special pieces of artwork, to keep them safe from the ravages of time. If you don't want to go all out with a display case, portfolios and folders can help keep your child's treasures from deteriorating.

Ensuring that You Maximize Your Home Office Storage Space

Think vertical and store upwards. Interlocking or stackable cabinets and baskets can really help by storing all the odds and ends that may not fit into your desk. Get rid of a bulky desk by buying a light-framed corner computer table or a laptop table that can be stored in a closet or a corner.

If you keep valuables in your home office, a safe can ensure that they stay protected. Home office safes are available online and at any office supply store. This is especially important if you run a company out of your home office and need to protect important information.

Your home office doesn't have to be a stressful mess – organization can make it more efficient and a more comfortable room to work and live in.