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Computer Stand

Computer and laptop stands for maximum space efficiency

Even if you have a nice desk in your home or work office, you may wish to add a computer stand. Designed specifically for your computer components, a computer stand provides an efficient, ergonomically sound workspace while creating more room on the desktop for non-computer work.

Computer stands also provide better organization and allow for easier access to electrical outlets for plugging and unplugging components.

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With a variety of models for PCs, laptops and individual computer components, it's easy to create a comfortable, efficient environment for work and play on the computer.

Basic Computer Stands

A basic computer stand is an all-in-one unit designed to hold the entire computer system, as well as some accessories (a printer, software CDs, etc.). Though there are many different designs, these stands usually consist of a desktop-like surface for the monitor, a sliding shelf for the keyboard and a cubby for the CPU, as well as a shelf, cupboard or drawer for accessories. Depending on the size of the unit, there may be a combination of shelves, drawers and cupboards, and there may also be an additional cubby for a printer.

The advantage to basic computer stands is that they are all inclusive. The disadvantage is that they don't allow for much flexibility in the setup, and they tend to dominate a room.

Computer Component Stands

As flexibility becomes increasingly important in the workplace, individual computer component stands become increasingly popular. These units hold a single piece of computer equipment and can be mixed and matched to create the best setup for each individual. The most popular component stands are:

  • Computer Monitor Stands: These come in a variety of designs; some are designed to sit on a desktop, while others are designed to stand alone. The most important thing is to find a computer monitor stand that keeps the monitor at eye level, or at the very least at chin level. This will prevent neck and shoulder strain. If more than one person uses your computer, consider a stand with adjustable height so that the monitor can be moved to the optimum position for each user.
  • Computer Keyboard Stands: Most computer keyboard stands mount under a desk or table and feature a flexible arm that allows you to raise or lower the keyboard to the optimum height for comfortable typing. Some also feature an additional tray for the computer mouse.
  • Computer Printer Stands: Most people prefer to have their printer readily at hand when working at their computer, especially if they do a lot of printing. A cubby-style computer printer stand can slide under a desk. Other computer printer stands resemble cupboards, keeping the printer out of view when it's not needed. A stand on wheels allows you to move the printer away from the computer when it's not needed, giving you more room in your workspace.

Portable and Laptop Computer Stands

If you need your computer workstation to be mobile, a portable computer stand is the answer. Generally, these consist of two or three shelves on wheels. Most allow you to lock the wheels for stability while you're working, and advanced models may feature a slide-out keyboard tray and other handy features.

Of course, most mobile professionals use notebook or laptop computers, converting them to desktop units by simply placing them on a desk or tabletop. The problem with this method, however, is that it isn't ergonomic, making it difficult and often painful to work in this way for long periods of time.

A laptop computer stand is generally portable, providing a desktop-like workspace wherever you are. With adjustable height and, in many cases, an adjustable tray, laptop computer stands allow you to place the laptop at the perfect height and angle for comfortable working. And, much like a laptop itself, these stands fold up for easy storage. Some compact models are even designed to fit in a laptop carrying case!Computers are becoming more and more prominent for both work and play, so it is especially important to find the right computer stand to keep your components organized and your workspace comfortable and efficient for long periods of use.

Written by Michael Thompson